Saturday, March 30, 2013

What war with North Korea is like

War has been declared! I'm doing my part by going to Uijeongbu in half an hour to eat dinner and get drunk.

Once again, I  learn of North Korea's latest antics from my (stateside) friends on Facebook. Nobody in 2ID talks about it. CNN beat me to it and "broke" the "story" that nobody gives a shit. We don't, because:

1. Nobody believes North Korea would actually invade the south.

2. If they did actually initiate a proper war, everyone on Camp Casey would probably be dead instantly, so there's no reason not to spend tonight out on the town anyway.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break Forever

It's high time I talked about what Korea is like (not to be confused with 8th Army (US Forces Korea), which is a lovable if sometimes frustrating organization but not an east Asian country). And by Korea, I mean Seoul - home to half Korea's population, and to me for 48-72 hours per week. Maybe I feel a need to justify my transfer to Korea, maybe the Bismarck, North Dakota of Korea that hosts my base is just too depressing, maybe I have a (super healthy) emotional dependence on drinking, girls, and bars, or maybe I'm just trying to get it all in before idiot soldiers/North Korea cancel passes forever, but I hop the train to Seoul every weekend.*

The city is massive, public transit and infrastructure put most US cities to shame (which the exception of their sewage system - walk around for 10 minutes and you'll know what I mean), alcohol is everywhere (the 24/7 convenience stores on every block could usually stock a small bar - and sometimes people use them that way), and there are seemingly infinite places to go at night.

Korean people are certainly different than populations I've encountered anywhere else in the world in ways that range from charming to infuriating. Don't be surprised if an 80-year-old woman wordlessly body-checks you in the metro because you're in her way (or maybe just because she doesn't like you?)

*Don't worry, I didn't mean to imply I was an alcoholic. And if I ever wondered, a quick conversation with my NCOs about their drinking habits has assured me that I have a long, long way to go.

PS Yes, some of the Korean in this comic is jibberish. This is an autobiographical webcomic milblog by a listless junior officer, not a Korean textbook. I apologize for any confusion.