Monday, June 17, 2013

Level Up

As per usual, no excuse for not drawing other than I was sitting in my room eating salmon and watching The Colbert Report. I did go on what was certainly the best vacation ever undertaken in USFK history, but sadly that only filled a few blurry weeks.

If you can do math at all, you know I actually got promoted a while ago. It was still a milestone for having survived the Army for 18 months (maybe not a huge accomplishment if you don't fight in Afghanistan or enjoy drunk driving; though I think I did almost boil myself to death in a Taiwanese spring). Also we get paid more, which is important when you have the spending habits I've cultivated in this not-particularly-inexpensive city. And, most importantly, the distinct sense of superiority over the second lieutenants. One actually tried to salute me - don't worry, I corrected her. After she saluted, of course.

PS Thanks for my friends/fans who are trying to get me to post more. I'll try to get motivated to get off my ass and sit on my ass to draw something proper.


  1. Minds me of the time I had two Marine Privates salute me down in Long Beach, CA. I was a Petty Officer second in the Coast Guard, wearing the 'new' uniform (1975), which had brass rank on the collar. They were just playing safe, because hardly anyone can identify Coasties very well.

    Keep up the writing. It brings back the days when I was an Army LT. (post CG)

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Smart War's blog roll. Love your comics on army life and Korea. :)

  3. Great comics. Bring back some great memories of the buffoonery and comradery.

  4. Draw more! I love your comics! So hopefully you´ll have enough friends who´ll really support you to please us with your drawings instead of watching The Colbert Report :)) Thanks!