Monday, June 17, 2013

Level Up

As per usual, no excuse for not drawing other than I was sitting in my room eating salmon and watching The Colbert Report. I did go on what was certainly the best vacation ever undertaken in USFK history, but sadly that only filled a few blurry weeks.

If you can do math at all, you know I actually got promoted a while ago. It was still a milestone for having survived the Army for 18 months (maybe not a huge accomplishment if you don't fight in Afghanistan or enjoy drunk driving; though I think I did almost boil myself to death in a Taiwanese spring). Also we get paid more, which is important when you have the spending habits I've cultivated in this not-particularly-inexpensive city. And, most importantly, the distinct sense of superiority over the second lieutenants. One actually tried to salute me - don't worry, I corrected her. After she saluted, of course.

PS Thanks for my friends/fans who are trying to get me to post more. I'll try to get motivated to get off my ass and sit on my ass to draw something proper.