Monday, November 19, 2012

Pretty much the gist of all of the "Welcome to Korea" briefs

Fortunately, I'm about done with US Army Korea's version of freshmen orientation. But some of what I learned was a illumintating - apparently we lead the Army in bad behavior out here (alcohol incidents, sexual assaults, suicides, etc). Lots of soldiers (to include NCOs and officers) getting in trouble, frequently in amusing ways (for anyone other than the parties involved). Sometimes in very unamusing, international incident ways (you can look those up on your own if you want to lose your appetite).

If you come here and endure all of the mandatory briefings and presentations desperately trying to keep you sober, alive, and out of prison, you quickly get the sense that, while standing guard against an unpredictable nuclear dictatorship, this is an army above all at war with itself.

And though I'd love to leave you on that poignant cliche, I'll quickly note that I've arrived at my unit, like the people I'm with, and will be living the glamorous and enviable life of an extra lieutenant on staff until I get a platoon in a few months.

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