Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who knew there was so much coloring in the Infantry?

He who exerts effort into IBOLC... gets what he deserves.
The next platoon OPORD I "brief" will just be the company order, imprinted in Silly Putty.
P.S. In another navel-gazing PT postcript, I more than maxed everything on our RPFT. It's not easy finding time to work out during BOLC, between time in the field, time sleeping, and the burdens of being lazy, so after those surprising results I was most contentedly staring at my navel.

We later did a free-for-all 8-mile ruck march with some 60-70 pounds (decided not to weigh in for psychological edge. Ignorance is bliss!). I came in, wheezing and dripping, at a cool 1:31 - I was in the top quartile or so (don't get to use that word a lot), but the hard-chargers who beat me were pushing pretty humbling paces below 10-minute miles! Still, I'm a far cry from these days.

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