Saturday, November 19, 2011

Most Butch Safety Brief Ever

This happened.

Other officers told me that IBOLC would fly by, and it truly has - probably because we spend most of the time doing nothing. At school, five weeks felt like five weeks, full of papers, labs and OPORDs, evaluations, parties, etc., and even then I tried to keep pretty lazy! As long as I can look at myself on graduation day and say, "hey, I've actually been trained!" (Don't care if it's true or not, as long as I can fool everyone else - that's leadership!)

I'm not going to chronicle the entire IBOLC process here, that's been done, and thoroughly so, by a number of other LTs and also the Ft. Benning website - but memorable moments will still get posted. The course is speeding up a bit (or we're at least learning things that seem useful, like OPORDs), and despite my last post I really am enjoying it (feels like a frathouse with guns most of the time). I'll have to draw something about the parts of IBOLC I do like. Have you noticed how many of my posts end with me pledging to expand on my subject in a future post? I'll have to draw something about that.

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