Saturday, December 4, 2010

Top Banana

As of our awards ceremony Wednesday, I'm the new Battalion Commander!
The announcement actually came as something of a surprise, since the other school in the BN held command last semester and my school only has five MSIVs (after two dropouts, two who got bumped back to the limbo of being a III/IV, and a December graduate). It's more work, of course - but I just wouldn't feel right if it was someone else behind the wheel when this 18-wheeler shoots off a cliff..

There will be blood!

The will be more of my infamous safety briefs!

There will be pull-up bars, paintball mines, and meticulously animated PowerPoint slides!

There will be times that cadre turn to each other and question why they put me in charge of everything - but in the end, despite my opaque and questionable methods, they'll see I knew what I was doing all along. That, or in the end I'll graduate and become a lieutenant (spelled it right on the third try) anyway!

God help you all.

-Banana 1-6 out.

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  1. Congrats Harrison! You'll do great. You will probably bring a welcome levity that both R and L forever lacked while not affecting the overall seriousness of the training.

    Also- who were the two IV's who dropped out? And who were the ones who got bounced back to III/IV? (Is one in ATO and the other in PRs?)