Thursday, August 26, 2010

The bitter "S" cadet's guide to camp success

LDAC was like a bad blind date. On one side of the table are the cadets, the most motivated of whom are still pretty dejected after they realize what a stupid and inefficient debacle it's going to be. Sitting across from them are the cadre, or, even worse, national guardsmen pulled up to teach first aid or babysit an obstacle course for two months. The cadets and their trainers have been forced to interact together, though neither wants to do anything but go home - a bad blind date.

I really shouldn't complain - It was a big schlep, but I had some fun, and though my "E" was cruelly snatched from my deserving hands, I got pretty lucky in some other areas. I was one of a few who maxed the PT test, a particular accomplishment (or, more likely, act of God) at camp, where the APFT is graded by brand new lieutenants who apparently get off by not counting pushups. I, of course, took matters into my own hands by sprinting ahead of everyone else before the pushup test so I could get the chance to choose my own grader. Apparently I'm a good judge of non-awfulness in a man, because my guy counted every pushup I did.

Lucky thing #2 is I got to go to Pathfinder School.