Friday, June 26, 2009

In Beirut!

Religious girls have to work out, too!

I've been in Beirut for few weeks now. I first marveled at how its tanned, attractive, very Semitic inhabitants could harbor any ill feelings against the nearly-identical people of Israel (esp Tel Aviv) - but then I remembered that these guys can barely keep it in their pants when it comes to dealing with their even more similar countrymen (it being their Kalashnikovs).

One thing that sets Beirut apart from Tel Aviv/the Western Euro world is that Beirut is a sort of nouveau-riche Garden of Eden- God has not yet cursed these people with the burden of shame for their nose jobs, breast implants, gold chains, and steroid injections, if those count.

Lots of excellent things have happened that I have been too busy/lazy to chronicle so far... the only reason anything's going up today is that I have a lot of homework that I wanted to avoid.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009