Sunday, February 15, 2009

ruck this schlep

I went for my first ruck march in a LONG time, and it was difficult. TIP: Weigh your ruck before you begin.

For those of you who aren't entirely sure what "schlep" means, perhaps because you were raised in certain parts of the midwest, or maybe just have a healthy distrust of immigrant culture, no act embodies it better than rucking.

And for those of you who aren't entirely sure what "rucking" is, perhaps because you had the good sense to stay away from the military, it's the Army's way of saying, "going on a hike with heavy equipment/crap in your rucksack (backpack, only shittier)" or, "if you'd joined up in the 19th century, a mule would be doing this."

Mark Twain famously described golf as "a good walk spoiled." That is because he never experienced rucking. He probably had mules.

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